What Do You Do?

I assist you with uncovering the best care and living arrangement for your loved one. When needed, I assist with moving your loved one into a safe and healthy community or home. I am knowledgeable about all of the options available to you based upon your financial resources, your geographic and healthcare requirements, as well as daily activities enjoyed and more. As a Senior Advisor I can manage each step of your loved one’s transition to a new home and answer all of your questions throughout the process. I can also recommend professional services such as VA benefits assistance and elder law attorneys that may be necessary to assure a smooth transition.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Zero. We are a free service to seniors and their families. I am compensated by the selected senior housing community, if there is a move. Furthermore, we have no special arrangements or partnerships with particular communities, and are thus able to assess and recommend each choice fairly and honestly.

Can We Use Medicare to Cover Senior Care Expenses?

Unfortunately, Medicare only covers short term, non-custodial care needs.

How Much Will Monthly Care Cost?

Cost varies greatly in the senior care industry, depending on factors like amenities and type of care—independent living, assisted living, adult family homes, and nursing homes.  The best way to understand your cost is by contacting me and I can provide you an initial assessment.

Why Choose a Senior Advisory Company Over a Lead Processing Website?

The biggest difference overall in a company like mine is that unlike a senior lead processing company, I meet in person with every family and senior I work with and guide them throughout the entire transition. I do this to ensure that your loved one has the best possible outcome with the community that you select together. I am able to provide this service because of my years of experience working with seniors and knowledge about all aspects of senior housing.

How Can We Be Sure We Are Getting the Best Senior Care Recommendations?

I ensure that the following criteria have been met before any recommendation:

  • Each community you consider has had a background check through the state (DSHS).
  • I personally know the community and have actually been there and met the owner or management.
  • You know exactly what the community offers in terms of type of care, food, transportation, and amenities.
  • You have a plan for care if you believe you may run out of money. I can and do negotiate these types of situations with the community to ensure that your loved one will not be asked to leave for financial reason.

How Do We Have the “Talk” About Assisted Care?

It’s natural to dread this conversation—it can feel like betrayal or even belittling to your parent when they’ve been an independent adult for so long. My advice: be gentle, do your research, and don’t expect everything at once. First, plant the seed in conversation, and don’t present this as a decision you’ve already made and are thrusting upon them. Ask them what they think of the future. Then, look for opportunities, such as when a parent has fallen and had trouble getting up, or complains of loneliness. Then, do your homework. Discover options that best fit your parent. This is where I can help you best. Finally, present your concerns and research to your parent, in a loving context of what’s ultimately best for their health, comfort, and happiness.

Furthermore, Senior Living Options can do an in home visit and help with the talk. I can be the objective professional to come in and provide advice. This takes the burden off the family, especially if the seniors are not safe.

How Can Families Plan Ahead Before an Emergency?

Families often put off planning, hoping “mom will improve” and instead are faced with a crisis situation, such as a discharge from a hospital or skilled nursing facility, where the parent simply cannot return their own home safely. When you plan in advance, your options for a great community increase dramatically.

If you believe your loved one is no longer safe at home, the first step is to have a loving conversation with them about it. If they aren’t open to the idea, you may consider introducing them to me, I am professionally trained to assist with this conversation. When a decision to move forward has been made, there are many things to think about, and each situation is unique; however, common things to plan for are selling a home (I am licensed Real Estate Broker and can help you with this process as well), understanding financial resources, learning what appropriate housing may cost, determining geographic location, as well as selecting a time frame to make a move. I can assist in all of these areas and assure a smooth transition for your loved one.

How Will I Know My Parent Won’t Be Neglected or Abused?

Stories of senior care neglect do crop up from time to time and this is something that Senior Living Options takes very seriously. Doing research is a critical step of selecting a senior living option.  The Oregon Department of Human Services conducts routine surveys on every licensed long-term care facility and investigates allegations of abuse.  Check out the Long-term care facility compliance history page. The link click here.

Is Insurance Available to Help With the Costs?

Yes, Long Term Care insurance is available. However, just like with any insurance, the time to purchase insurance is before you need it. If you have previously purchased long term care insurance for a senior loved one and are now considering options, then we can make sure to help you find a community or home that matches your insurance benefits.

Are Veteran’s Benefits Available for Long Term Care?

Yes, benefits are available. The VA provides supplemental income through the Veterans Pension to veterans and their widowed spouses. Then, veterans and spouses who require care and assistance may be eligible for an Aid & Attendance financial benefits. Veterans and spouses who are home bound may qualify for additional benefits.

As you might expect, navigating government benefits can be complicated. To help understand your options, contact me anytime.

What are the Most Common Funding Sources for Elder Care?

Aside from personal finances, many people in this age group are eligible for VA benefits. Other common sources for financing elder care include Long Term Care insurance, pension benefits and Medicaid in the event of very limited resources. I can assist you by discussing various housing costs with you, and can also refer you to specialists and service providers for various benefits, such as VA and Medicaid.

Another common funding source often overlooked is the equity in your home or investment properties.

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